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6 years ago · by · Comments Off on 4 Pillars

4 Pillars

During one’s lifetime, we go through stages, which require different types of insurance plans and programs, pillars; so that we may ensure that our financial goals and commitments to our loved ones are met.  Once our parents are no longer responsible for us, financially, we assume responsibilities that require more financial resources than what we have available.

In our young adult years our finances, financial resources, and assets are low but our responsibilities and obligations are immense.  New job, new career, new car, new relationship, new family everything is now our responsibility. We may have college loan payments, rent, car loans, credit cards; utility bills all obligations we must meet. We may be recently married with a spouse and have been blessed with children. The burden of responsibility can seem insurmountable.  We may feel uncertainty, instability and even fear of the thought of what if you were not able to fulfill the promises you made to the ones you love.

The need for protection at this first stage of life is where we at Torres Insurance (TIA) would implement with you the first pillar, protection.  Should you die or become unable to be the financial provider, life will go on for your loved ones, as a responsible parent and spouse, you can ensure that your commitments are met.  You may be interested in ensuring that finances are available for our children’s daily needs such as a roof over their heads, clothing, transport, and food on the table. You may be interested in providing for tuition payments to secure that your children receive a quality education.

As life and careers progress we reach the need for the second pillar, building, during this stage we experience job stability and begin to acquire credit for auto loans and mortgages for the purchase of a home.  Our finances and financial resources have improved but there is still a need for protection in your absence. During this stage we would your insurance plan must acknowledge and address the changes and circumstances in your life.

Your life marches on and years have passed; the children have grown and have graduated college. The auto loans and home mortgages are paid.  You have reached the next stage of life in need of the third pillar, accumulation; you must protect your life-long investments and possessions.  Your focus shifts to creating a comfortable senior life for you and your spouse.  During this stage, you have the financial ability to acquire and accumulate those “wants” that at earlier stages in life were unattainable.  You may also want to be supporting to your children, as they enter the first pillar stage.

As life progresses; life has been good and your focus should be on safeguarding your assets, the fourth pillar, asset protection, you must ensure that your life’s work remains with the one’s you sacrificed and toiled for.  Should you die without the right plan and program in place your spouse, children, and grandchildren and future generations may not enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The need for planning and implementation are again of dire consequence.

Torres Insurance Agency and our staff are prepared to guide you through these most important stages.  We, you and us, together can implement, pillars, an insurance plan that will ensure that your dreams, commitments, and promises are kept.  TIA will ensure that the four pillars are laid as a foundation to a prosperous life or for creating a legacy for generations to come, even in your absence.

Come meet with one of our life agents, who will work with you on protecting those you love. Call (413) 452-4100 in Massachusetts or (860) 882-1892 in Connecticut or visit us for a personalized analysis.

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